Success Story: Citycon invests in Espoo, a growing city by the metro

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Sanna Yliniemi, Commercial Director at Citycon_1
Sanna Yliniemi

Espoo is a strongly growing city with citizens who have major purchasing power, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Citycon, which owns and manages over 40 shopping centres in the Nordics. In the last years, Citycon has invested in Espoo’s shopping centres’ huge market potential. Locations by the metro line will see particular growth, believes Citycon.

Iso Omena (Big Apple), one of Finland’s largest shopping centres was opened in Matinkylä, Espoo in 2001. The centre will see over 20 million visitors this year. “After its expansion, Iso Omena has been a huge success,” says Sanna Yliniemi, Commercial Director of Citycon. The location is a strategic one. “The metro line and connecting bus terminal form a transportation crosspoint, bringing a stream of customers,” Yliniemi continues. 

Citycon’s next project, Lippulaiva, will see the rise of a new shopping centre in Espoonlahti, another growing Espoo area within the next few years.   
“We believe that destinations situated by metro and train stations will develop exponentially. Espoonlahti is an area that will grow significantly, with Lippulaiva in the works and 600 apartments set to be built on top of it,” says Risto Seppo, Property Development Director of Citycon. 

Matinkylä metro station
Photo: Timo Kauppila.

About Iso Omena Shopping Centre

Iso Omena covers over 200 establishments of fashion, grocery shops and restaurants. The shopping center includes the City of Espoo’s 6,000 sqm Service Centre, consolidating the library and health centre in one space. Iso Omena sees 60,000 daily visitors on weekdays and has a gross leasable area of 100,900 sqm. The estimated sales of Iso Omena is EUR 350 million.

Photo: Olli Urpela

Did you know this about Espoo?

• Espoo is Finland’s second largest city, with a population of 279,044 at the turn of 2018
• Matinkylä is home to approximately 41,000 residents 
• The major Espoonlahti area currently has approximately 56,000 residents and is expected to grow by nearly 70,000 people in the next 10 years
• Housing production in floor area is 8.7 million sqm by 2050
• Total construction volume in the metro zone is 7.5 million sqm by 2050
• West Metro Zone: 13 new stations, 70,000 new residents, 100 % growth in jobs

Sanna Yliniemi, Commercial Director at Citycon

Iso Omena


Matinkylä – Urban metro terminus

Espoonlahti – a maritime urban area