Rehabilitative work activities

Rehabilitative work activities are intended for people who have been unemployed for a long time. The aim of these activities is to:

  • rehabilitate and improve your life management skills and functional capacity
  • help you find work or education.

What are rehabilitative work activities?

  • Work activities, 4–8 hours per day on 1–4 days a week for at least three (3) months
  • Individual support and help with your situation
  • Health assessment

Where are rehabilitative work activities organised?

Rehabilitative work activities are available in several places in Espoo and elsewhere in the capital region. You can choose a place that is suitable for you.

What kind of work is available?

  • kitchen, café and catering sector
  • care sector
  • IT, coding
  • office tasks, customer service
  • transport sector
  • wood and surface treatment 
  • renovation
  • bicycle repair
  • cleaning
  • laundry work
  • crafts activities
  • see a list of all workshops (in finnish).

Many workshops allow you to study parts of further vocational qualifications. In addition, you will receive personal job coaching and training, for example, in computer use or the Finnish language.

What financial benefits are available if I participate in rehabilitative work activities?

You will receive an unemployment benefit or social assistance. In addition, you will receive a daily allowance of EUR 9.00 for each day when you attend rehabilitative work activities. Rehabilitative work activities are covered by the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the City of Espoo’s accident insurance.

How can I attend rehabilitative work activities?

Contact your personal couch in Employment Espoo, TE Office or social services. Together with them, you can discuss whether rehabilitative work activities would be a suitable option for you.