Korko service

The Korko service supports the job search of highly educated people over 30 years of age. We will support you if you want to:

  • clarify your own employment objectives
  • update your competence
  • consider alternative career paths.

We also help you to identify, verbalise, market and sell your competence in different job search channels and situations. The Korko service includes:

  • peer group activities
  • short coaching programmes
  • survey of business contacts
  • personal guidance in career issues, if necessary.

The Korko service is suitable for you if you:

  • are an unemployed job-seeker over 30 years of age from Espoo
  • have completed a university degree (at least a Bachelor’s degree)
  • have a good command of Finnish (you can discuss issues related to working life fluently in Finnish in a peer group)
  • have the qualifications for finding employment in the open job market
  • have the will and motivation to develop your job-seeking competence with the support of a peer group.

At the moment, the Korko service operates remotely. 

How to access the Korko service

Ask for more information at korkoinfo@espoo.fi.
Our next groups start in April and May 2021. To start in a Korko group, please fill the registration form. The registration form is in Finnish and opens in a new window.