Help for finding employment

Are you recently unemployed and looking for a new career, or has your unemployment lasted for some time, leading you to look for new options or assistance for regaining employment?

The employment services provide personalised employment paths for various situations in life as well as opportunities to analyse capacity to work, functional capability, work experience and professional expertise. The services can include guidance and advice, training, job opportunities, work trials or rehabilitative work activities.

If you find yourself unemployed, you must first register as an unemployed job seeker at the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office). You should also read about the services that the TE Office provides for immigrants.

The City of Espoo uses pay subsidy to employ unemployed job seekers in various tasks across the sectors in which it operates. If you would like to determine your suitability for a profession or if you have been unemployed for an extended period of time and would like to improve your employment opportunities, a work trial or rehabilitative work activities may be the perfect alternative for you. With a work trainer, you can analyse your strengths and competence, develop your job seeking skills and find work and education opportunities. If you are interested in the opportunities provided by the City of Espoo employment services, you can contact the desired service directly.