Espoo info for immigrants at International House Helsinki

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2019-03-27 15:03

Immigrants moving to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area receive their initial services collectively at International House Helsinki (IHH). The City of Espoo is joining the activities of IHH at the beginning of April by allocating a customer service advisor for the network of customer service workers.

Starting from 3 April 2019, the same premises will offer services of the cities of Espoo and Helsinki, Kela, the Tax Administration, the Local Registry Office, the TE Office, the Finnish Centre for Pensions, the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK as well as the Finnish Immigration Service in regard to registration of EU citizens.

IHH will move to a new address at the same time. Due to the move, the service will be closed from 27 March to 2 April. The new service centre will be opened on Wednesday, 3 April at Lintulahdenkuja 2, Helsinki.

Familiar concept for Espoo

The centralisation of several public services under one roof is a familiar concept for Espoo, thanks to the Iso Omena Service Centre. Customers have embraced the Service Centre with frequent visits and positive feedback, so the City is pleased to join this one-stop service centre for immigrants with great expectations.

“Collecting the services under one roof is customer-oriented development in the spirit of the Espoo Story. The regional one-stop service benefits customers and organisations – it saves everyone’s time and energy,” says Juha-Pekka Strömberg, Customer Service Manager at the City of Espoo.

Another important reason for Espoo to join is the fact that approximately 25% of the customers of IHH live in Espoo. Espoo residents also received guidance at IHH before, but now the service will grow in depth and ease, since a City of Espoo customer service advisor will always be present.

Advice on taxes, housing and everything in between

At IHH, immigrants are provided with a majority of the public services they require at the early stage of their immigration during just one visit.

The main target group consists of individuals with an immigrant background who have arrived in the area for work or entrepreneurial reasons, as well as persons who have the ability to be employed in the open job market without extensive support measures.

IHH also serves companies and employers in matters related to foreign manpower and international recruitment.

Supported by expert guidance regarding different public authorities, the customer receives general advice about, for example, studying, housing, social and health services, children’s schooling and day care as well as job search, social security, taxation, employment pension and matters related to residence permits.

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