Espoo among Top7 intelligent communities as the only city from Europe

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2018-02-09 13:31

Espoo has been named as one of the Top7 cities in the international Intelligent Communities Awards 2018. Other finalists include cities from Canada, Australia and Taiwan. The City of Oulu is the only other city in Finland that has reached Top7, in 2012 and 2013.

The theme of the 2018 competition is Humanizing Data. Espoo’s strength in the competition has been defined the citizen-driven approach to sustainable Smart City development, where the active involvement of residents is at the heart of all activities. Some examples that Espoo presented to the jury included the School as a Service model, Iso Omena Service Centre and the activities implemented under the Sustainable Espoo programme.

Competition evaluators will visit Espoo during the spring months to get to know more in detail Espoo’s ongoing activities and the Espoo Innovation Garden ecosystem, referring to innovative, common ways of working and a culture of collaboration and co-creation between local businesses, universities and other research, development and innovation institutions (RDI).

The winner city will be announced at the ICF Global Summit on 4-6 June in London.

The press release by the Intelligent Community Forum

Further information

Mayor Jukka Mäkelä, City of Espoo, tel. +358 46 877 3953

Päivi Sutinen
Services Development Director, City of Espoo
tel. +358 46 8772 871

Jasmin Repo
EU Affairs Coordinator, City of Espoo
tel. +358 43 826 6886