Frequently Asked Questions about Recruitment

Jobseekers often have similar questions in mind. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions with answers. We hope they will help you get started.

Where does the city of Espoo announce its vacant positions?

The city of Espoo announces all vacant positions on its web site. Vacant positions are announced on the web sites of the employment office and Monster web site. In addition, we utilise free web sites for advertising. Newspaper advertisements are placed in Helsingin Sanomat, Hufvudstadsbladet, Länsiväylä and various professional newspapers and magazines.

How do I apply for a job with the city of Espoo?

Vacant positions are posted in the city’s recruitment system. You can also leave an application for a position that interests you in the system. Additional information on vacant positions is available in various newspaper advertisements and on job sites in the Internet.
Our web site also includes a so-called open application form.

What is the “open application form”? What jobs can I apply for using it?

The open application form is a form in the Internet recruitment system for registering to join the city’s job applicant database. An application stays valid for six months after the last date of the form. Managers may only use open applications for filling short-term fixed-term positions and temporary positions. All offices and positions that have been announced as vacant must be applied for as indicated in the job advertisement.

How do I make sure that my application has been received?

The system automatically confirms receipt of your application with a message that appears on the screen.  For technical reasons, there may be errors in the delivery of the application. If you suspect this is the case, you can call the recruitment unit or the person indicated as the contact person to check that your application has been received. The time required for updating the system should, however, be taken into account. Your application is not immediately visible to other users of the system; updating the system information requires some time (1 to 4 hours). You can also check by logging into your application again. Your application appears under “Vireillä olevat hakuni” (“My pending applications”) section that gives a list of all job keys for which you have entered an application. Applications are always made from the announcement (“Jätä hakemus” (“Leave an application”) button at the bottom of the screen).

How are salaries determined in employment by the city?

The salaries of the municipal sector are determined in various agreements. The applicable agreements vary according to the position. The overall remuneration consists of job-based basic salary, bonuses related to the time in service, remunerations based on working hours and bonuses based on merits. For more information on salaries in the municipal sector, see the Local government employers web site.

What is the difference between public service offices and positions? How about permanent positions and fixed-term positions?

Public service offices are positions involving the direct use of public authority and tasks of the authorities, while other positions are “normal” positions of employment. In practice, there is not much difference between offices and positions. Permanent employment means that a person is hired for the position for an indefinite period. In the case of fixed-term positions, the employment agreement is made for a predetermined period of time. Typical fixed-term positions include substitute positions, for example. Being hired for a permanent position requires meeting all the requirements specified under “Kelpoisuusvaatimukset” (“Eligibility”) as well as any requirements specified under “Edellytetään” (“What is required”).

What kinds of skills and information does the city of Espoo value and expect from job seekers?

We value professional skills obtained through education and work experience. The willingness to do socially significant work is also important.

How do I apply for a summer job with the city?

Summer jobs are announced separately on our web site. The city usually announces its summer jobs from January or February onwards.

How do I apply for a training position/thesis position with the city?

Contacting the unit you are interested in directly is a good idea. We announce open training positions also on our recruiting web site.

How do I get more information on jobs offered by the city and the city as an employer?

See the city’s web site for more information on the jobs with the city and its various units. We also participate in recruitment events on fairs and schools around Finland. 

I’ve left an application in the recruitment system but lost my username and password. How do I get new login data?

You can send a request for a missing username on the login page of the recruitment system. This requires your email address to still be the same as the first time you made an application. Also remember that if you don’t update your application within six months, it will expire and be removed from the system.