Benefits offered by Espoo

We offer our employees many types of benefits that make Espoo a unique place to live, work and develop. As an employee of the city of Espoo, you get to participate in the building of the society in the first line – and every day of your work matters.
Come join us!

Help in finding housing

We will help you find a home when you have a job. You can sometimes find a city rental flat in just one day! For instructions on how to apply for a flat, see the Espoon Asunnot oy site. 

Financial support for lifelong development

Espoo supports the goal-oriented, work-related development of its employees by means of a scholarship fund. Employees can receive financial subsidy for education outside working hours at one’s own expense. You can apply for a scholarship from the scholarship fund twice a year.

Let’s join forces for the environment

The city of Espoo was the first municipal employer to introduce the commuting ticket. An employee with unbroken employment of at least one month or 14 hours per week or whose teaching duties are, on average, 10 hours per week can load periods or value on the travel card. The green nature of Espoo thanks people using public transport!

It’s so much easier with a full stomach

We offer the possibility for subsidized meals at your place of work, in staff restaurants or several other places.

Enjoy sports and culture – your employer picks up the bill

Employees of the city of Espoo receive benefits for sports and culture 100 euros / year. In addition, employees can swim free of charge in the city swimming pools. Many other activities are also on offer, and hobby groups range from boating club to a chess club!

Occupational health services guarantee your wellbeing

Our occupational health services focus on preventative care in particular. You can experience the joy of sports and feeling good in various sports groups, for example.

Language courses for immigrant employees

Employees of the city of Espoo are offered free language courses in vocational finnish.

Home use license for Microsoft software

Employees of the city of Espoo may purchase Microsoft software for their home computers at a reduced price. The license covers use by persons who have been employed by the city of Espoo for a minimum of 4 months. The software may only be installed on one computer used at home.

There’s more to life than just work

We make sure that work and free time stay in good balance. We aim at regular working hours, and many fields offer possibilities for flexible arrangements.

Vacation is good for you

Did you know that the municipal sector offers extended annual leave? In the municipal sector, work experience increases the accumulation of leave. After 15 years of experience, you will get 38 days annual holiday.