The City of Espoo is a responsible pioneer that conducts quality-conscious and economical procurement with extensive and positive social effects all to the advantage of residents Through procurement, Espoo promotes healthy competition, enterprise-friendly and innovative procurement and sustainable development.

The city complies with the legislation on public contracts, the city’s ordinances and operating instructions and the procurement procedure and contracting guidelines. 

Procurement notices above the national threshold are published in HILMA for either Finland or the entire EU depending on the value of the procurement. See: Threshold values

Published procurement notices can be found at:

Invitations to tender
Espoo uses an online tendering system in which the invitations to tender and the associated documents are published:

Small procurement below the threshold
At the beginning of 2015, the City of Espoo adopted a system for small-scale procurement. The city uses the system to request tenders for small procurement that is below the national threshold value.

The system can also be used for requesting tenders for minor framework arrangements.
See: Ongoing small procurement