Internationalisation advice through the Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network which is partially funded by the European Commission offer services like:

EU funding advice: We disseminate information on funding opportunities and funding programmes of the EU. With timely communication we seek to activate companies and other organisations to harness the opportunities offered by EU programmes.

General information on countries and markets: We can find out the contact information of organisations in different countries. We also provide basic information on how to establish a company in a foreign country.

Problems with the internal market: We provide the European Commission with information on problems faced by companies when conducting business in the internal market. The network offers companies confidential advice on concrete problems and reports the problems to the Commission without naming the companies that have encountered difficulties. The purpose is to simplify and improve the internal market legislation. The aim is to ensure that the practical experiences of companies conducting business in the internal market will be taken into account better in future decision-making.

Legal advice: We provide general legal counselling on, for example, the impact and implementation of EU regulations, national legislation in different countries, international trade agreements and disputes, transport terms and conditions, taxation and public procurement.