Experiment and development platforms of the city

The City of Espoo offers entrepreneurs and companies various opportunities to develop and experiment together with the city. Experiment and development platforms are constantly developing, and cooperation on the experiment platforms is based on the principle and operating model of co-creation.

More information is available on the city’s website.

Make with Espoo 

The Make with Espoo innovation platform is a digital environment for co-creation and experimental activities between companies, associations and city actors related to products, services, applications and technologies that promote learning and growth.
The platform allows you to create your own development idea, explore other people’s ideas, find suitable partners and implement development projects in genuine learning environments. The activities are based on the principles of open innovation.
More information is available on the City of Espoo website.

You can contact us also by e-mail:
Maiju Haltia-Nurmi, City of Espoo maiju.haltia-nurmi@espoo.fi

Kera becomes a point of reference for circular economy and digitalisation

During the 2020s, the Kera district, located along the railway, is transforming from a former industrial and logistics area into an urban area with some 14,000 residents and 10,000 employees. The aim is for Kera to become a point of reference for circular economy and digitalisation, offering its residents a functional daily life and more sustainable lifestyle and providing business opportunities for responsible companies.

The Smart & Clean Kera project promotes sustainable solutions and the adoption of smart technologies. The City of Espoo has invited an impressive group of partners to participate in the development of Kera. Cooperation will also be carried out with various companies, research institutes, universities, educational institutes and city residents. The city’s role is to act as an open innovation platform or an ecosystem around which future solutions will be built.

The partners include A-Insinöörit, Espoon Asunnot, Fortum, LähiTapiola, Neste, Nokia, Ramirent, SOK, Sitra and the Smart & Clean Foundation.

More information is available on the city’s website
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Contact us:
Emmi Kauhanen, Development Manager – Sustainable Development, City of Espoo
+358 40 553 2892, emmi.kauhanen@espoo.fi
Pekka Vikkula, Project Director, City of Espoo
+358 46 877 2601, pekka.vikkula@espoo.fi

City experiments

Experiments with compensation

Espoo occasionally has ongoing experimental programmes, such as

Companies receive a small compensation for the experiments. The experiments are often related to a specific development project or theme, and they always start with procurement. Experiments to be launched can be tracked through HILMA notifications.

Experiments without compensation

Currently, experiments without compensation can be carried out on learning environments through the Make with Espoo platform. Experiment processes are being developed for other branches as well.
Some development projects may also offer experimental opportunities. You can search for information on these on the espoo.fi website.