How to submit a tender

Look out for invitations to tender

Keep an eye out for the City of Espoo’s procurement news as well as requests for market dialogue or information, so you’ll stay up to date with the upcoming procurement processes.

Requirements for a tender

Your tender needs to comply with the invitation to tender. In other words, the product/service you offer must comply with what is stated in the invitation. The contracting entity has very limited possibilities to request clarifications to unclear tenders.

Key aspects to consider:

Product/service features

The product/service offered must meet the minimum requirements for the procurement.


Prices must be stated as requested in the invitation to tender.

Terms and conditions

The tenderer accepts the terms and conditions defined in the invitation to tender. The tenderer does not lay down their conditions and/or provisions.

Formal requirements

The tender includes all the required documentation. The tender is valid at least until the required date.

Questions regarding the tendering process

Invitations to tender usually specify the procedure for asking additional questions. All questions must be asked by the given deadline and in accordance with the specific procedure. A summary of the additional questions will then be drawn up and the answers will be sent to everyone who has examined the electronic invitation to tender or requested a written invitation to tender. Other questions regarding the invitation to tender will not be answered to ensure equal and non-discriminatory treatment of everyone involved.

Submitting a tender

You must submit your tender by the deadline, in accordance with the procedure specified in the invitation to tender. Any tenders submitted after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.