Employee training

The development of your employees’ competences is easy with our help. You may provide training to one of your employees, or even all of them. The training can be anything from a short targeted training session to a long-term educational programme. You may choose from our extensive training portfolio. We can also tailor the training to meet your company’s specific needs.

Apprenticeship is a flexible way to develop expertise within your company. You may train yourself as an entrepreneur or update the competences of your employees. Apprenticeship training is free of charge for an employer. Omnia (in Finnish) can help you with all things related to apprenticeship training.

The TäsmäKoulutus (‘tailored training’) by TE Services refers to vocational upper secondary education and training or vocational further education and training that is tailored to the needs of your company and employees. MuutosKoulutus (‘change training’) helps a company take responsibility for its employees’ future if work runs out and the company has to lay off employees for financial or production-related reasons. If you need new employees, remember to check out the current labour market training. You may find the people you need among the participants. It is also possible to achieve various licences and permits through TE Services as labour market training. RekryKoulutus (‘recruitment training’) is a good option for employers who have trouble finding competent employees and no new experts are expected to graduate in the company’s field in the near future.