Business development

Strong companies are created through business development. The services of our network provide help both in steering operations in the right direction and in everyday customer work. Our services also cover content for personnel development and services for acquiring new skills.

Organisation development

In the Start-up Plus service, you will get your own experienced advisor free of charge to support your company. The service will involve joint planning of concrete steps to develop your company’s profitable growth, sales and marketing. Start-up Plus is aimed at entrepreneurs who have received a start-up grant or begun business activities using 4 months unemployment benefit. The free service is provided to you by EnterpriseEspoo, the TE Office and the ELY Centre.

Business clinics offer free sparring assistance to entrepreneurs and are open to all companies. The aim of the clinic meetings is to clarify the entrepreneur’s direction, look for new solutions for development, change or crisis situations and provide information on available development services, support and training opportunities and sources of finance.

Acquisition of new competence – recruitment training

Offered by the TE Office, recruitment training is tailored to the needs of the company and usually lasts 3–9 months, with a minimum duration of 10 training days. The training provides students with vocational skills for the task according to the needs of the employer. Recruitment training can also be planned in cooperation with several employers.

Get an employee in your company with the training options provided by Omnia. Training courses suitable for different company situations are available, such as targeted training, recruitment training, recruiting labour market training, change training and apprenticeship training.

Mentoring programmes are excellent ways to expand the company’s pool of expertise among international experts while increasing the diversity competence of the organisation. See the Chamber of Commerce’s EntryPoint programme and the Aalto International Talent, Hanken International Talent and HelsinkiUNI International Talent programmes.

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