Goal: a sustainable future

Espoo wants to be a responsible pioneer. The city is building a sustainable future through mobility, construction and energy solutions, by offering teaching and education supporting a sustainable lifestyle, by providing culture, sports and social and health care services enhancing wellbeing and by maintaining comfortable nature and green areas nearby.

According to an international comparison 2016 and 2017, Espoo is the most sustainable city in Europe. The studies shows that, as measured by indicators for financially, socially and ecologically sustainable development, Espoo has managed to maintain sustainable urban development in the midst of powerful growth.

Espoo participates in building a sustainable Finland. It was the first city to join the Finnish Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, which is intended to build a Finnish society that ensures the bearing capacity of nature and the population’s wellbeing and bears global responsibility. In conjunction with joining the commitment, the city has prepared its own sustainable development programme. Moreover, the different city units and Espoo-based companies have made commitments of their own.

By participating in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Smart & Clean cooperation project, Espoo is involved in converting the area into a testing platform for smart and clean solutions. The cooperation project is intended to increase export activities and employment, create new business activities, reduce emissions, and render the population’s everyday life easier and more comfortable.

What is sustainable development?

Sustainable development means making changes to guarantee equal or better living conditions on Earth for future generations compared with the current generation. Growth and development should be ecologically, socially, culturally and economically sustainable.

Sustainable Development programme
The cross-administrative programme is intended to develop and improve new sustainable solutions for allowing the city to reach its economic, social, climate and energy-related and ecological goals.

Download the City of Espoos Voluntary Local Review (VLR) (pdf 35 Mb), an implementation of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals 2030. Published on 16 June 2020.

Espoo’s Commitment to Sustainable Development
We are committed to building a better Finland – join us!

The aim of sustainable development is to enable a good life for the current and future generations.

The Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation

The aim is to convert the area into a world-class testing platform and showcase for smart and clean solutions by 2021.

Publications concerning the state of the environment in Espoo

Read Ecological Sustainability in Espoo 2018 and Sustainable Development in Espoo fact sheet 2017.

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