Traffic surveys

The Traffic Planning Unit is responsible for traffic surveys conducted in Espoo. The research team of the Traffic Planning Unit conducts traffic surveys and maintains up-to-date information concerning these surveys.

The research team conducts:

  • traffic counts
  • parking surveys
  • speed surveys
  • public transport monitoring surveys
  • and other traffic studies and surveys according to need

Traffic counts monitor the load and development of the road and street network in addition to pedestrian walkways and cycleways. Parking surveys examine the degree of use and vehicle traffic on parking areas and complexes as well as commuter parking areas. Speed surveys monitor driving speeds and their distributions, for example when considering road safety issues. Public transport surveys monitor the development of boarding passenger volumes in public transport and the use of commuter parking in Espoo. Other studies worthy of mention include the traffic barometer study, which will be conducted in Espoo in the spring of 2012. Data is collected primarily using counting devices, but manual counting is also used if necessary. The research team uses several microwave and loop counters for traffic volume studies, a round-the-clock recording speed radar for long-term speed surveys and a manual radar for measuring individual driving speeds. Espoo also uses the traffic volume data provided by the servers of automatic measuring devices (LAM) of the Finnish Transport Agency and the traffic lights system in Espoo. Recording counting devices are available for manual counts.

The information provided by traffic surveys is used, for instance, in town planning projects, when designing improvements in the transportation network, when preparing traffic forecasts, in road safety inspections and traffic noise surveys. Data concerning driving speeds and parking is also collected and analysed during traffic surveys for various reports. An annual report called “Liikenne Espoossa” (“Traffic in Espoo”, only in finnish) is compiled based on the traffic counts. 

Please contact:

Traffic Research Engineer  Mikko Kangasmäki, 043 825 2990
Traffic Data Assistant Arto Tiainen, 040 482 6233