Regional and general planning

The purpose of regional traffic planning is to indicate the transport connections and spatial requirements of areas with a town plan in addition to further clarifying the interaction between transport, land use and the environment. Key planning targets include the town planning targets in accordance with the planning scheme.

The tasks of regional traffic planning as part of town planning include:
  • planning of the regional transport network
  • area reservations of street and traffic areas
  • area reservations of pedestrian and cycle routes
  • area reservations of public transport
  • general planning of transport routes
  • participation in the planning of public roads and streets in an area that requires a town plan
  • surveys and statements concerning transportation and its environmental impact
  • planning of parking
  • waterborne traffic
  • maintenance traffic
  • evaluation of the appropriateness of planning requirement decisions on transport

Regional traffic planning is divided into four areas in Espoo that are primarily the same as the greater regions of the city. The planning experts in each area are familiar with the local conditions, the background of solutions and the projects that are about to be launched.

The Technical Services Department prepares more detailed street plans and traffic control plans (e.g. traffic signs, signposts and traffic light plans). The Department is also responsible for the construction and maintenance of streets.

General planning also serves as the connection between traffic planning in Espoo and the Uusimaa Regional Council, Helsinki Reginal Transport Authority and various state offices in matters concerning the regional land use plan, public transportation and the development of the transport system.

The future street network for all forms of transport is outlined in connection with the preparation of master plans and various traffic prospects. General planning also involves the preparation and commissioning of surveys concerning the transportational, financial and environmental impact of plans and traffic projects as well as the preparation of general traffic plans in cooperation with various parties.