Leppävaara to become an even more well-balanced and appealing urban centre

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2020-12-11 14:50

Leppävaara centre and the station area are being redeveloped. The aim of the plan is to provide the residents of Leppävaara and those visiting the area with more services, convenient mobility solutions and greenery.  

”The train track and Turuntie divide Leppävaara centre into two parts. The local detailed plan proposal will link Southern and Northern Leppävaara together better than before, which will serve residents, companies and those visiting the area,” says Project Director Mika Rantala. 

In the future, there will be a weather-protected pedestrian bridge across the train track and Turuntie to the Sello shopping centre. The bridge will also serve as a traffic hub, offering public transport services to passengers. The local park-and-ride services and the services of Leppävaara centre will also become more accessible by car. 

More greenery coupled with safe and smooth transport connections  

The area north of the train track will become a pleasant and safe environment for pedestrians, with escort and service traffic being moved to underground parking facilities. This will free up space for recreational use, cafés and other services. The temporary parking area in Läkkisepänaukio will be converted into an urban park. 

New pedestrian and cycling connections will also facilitate mobility by providing more convenient access from Southern Leppävaara to the sports park and Viaporintori Square, for example. 

“The active and pleasant pedestrian environment will increase the vitality of Leppävaara,” says Area Planning Architect Tiina Piironen. “Companies will also benefit from people moving more between the different business centres of Leppävaara centre”. 

City Rail Link, Jokeri Light Rail and public transport terminal  

In the future, the services of Leppävaara will be fully accessible. Park-and-ride services will be consolidated in parking facilities that will offer easy access to local services, such as the health centre and library. 

Leppävaara is currently the third-busiest public transport hub in the Helsinki region. In 2024, Jokeri Light Rail will also start operating through Leppävaara centre, and at the end of the decade the City Rail Link will improve rail connections even further. 

The plan proposal will be on public display from 7 December 2020 to 25 January 2021. A residents’ event regarding the planning will be held on the Teams platform on Wednesday 13 January 2021 at 17:00.  

Residents and companies can submit protests and explain which parts of the proposal they support and which ones they would like to see changed while the proposed amendment to the local detailed plan is on display. After this, the plan proposal will be submitted to the City Board for processing and then on to the City Council for approval. 

For more information (in Finnish), please visit the website of the Leppävaara centre planning project