Fencing street and public areas

Street space should be rented when a street or a section of a street must be closed for construction work or the placing of a machine. Temporary fencing of streets and public areas and their use as storage or worksite area require renting of street space. The applications for rent permission with map attachments must be submitted through eLupapalvelu at least one week beforehand.

Area use fees

An area use fee is always charged for temporary work taking place in a public area or for renting land.

Temporary work includes lifting, places for skips, moving work, photo- or film shoots, large worksite boards and protected areas for house building.

The area use fee is dependent on the surface taken away from public use and its maintenance classification. The total surface to be invoiced is counted for each beginning 15 m2. Find out in advance whether the case involves a temporary traffic arrangement, renting a public area or a short-term use of a public area.


Charging of the area use fee begins when the area is removed from public use. Charging ends when a written notification has been prepared on the completion of the work, and the area has been accepted on behalf of the city.

In addition to the area use fee, temporary work (e.g. skip, lifting, moving or photo- or film shooting) is subject to the notification’s processing and work supervision fee of €60.00 and temporary work that constitutes site renting (façade renovation, storage areas, bases, etc.) a fee of €180.00.

In work involving closure of a street for lifting and other temporary work, the fee to be charged is determined based on the size of the area. The minimum charge is €100 per day. In the case of site renting where scaffolding allows passage underneath it (e.g. façade renovation), 50% of the area use fee is charged for that area.