Temporary traffic arrangements

In the case of work-related temporary traffic arrangements, the street or a section thereof must be closed for the construction work to be implemented or for the placing of a machine. Arrangements resulting from construction work may require partial closure of the street, setting a temporary speed limit or arranging parking for the workers’ vehicles. Make sure that sufficient visibility is ensured at pedestrian crossings when implementing temporary traffic arrangements (in Finnish).

Arrangements caused by construction work require a permit

A permit must be applied for for construction work taking place on a street or in its vicinity. With a letter of authorisation, the authorised person may apply for the permit on behalf of the party issuing the authorisation. The permit is fixed-term and subject to a fee. The permit may be issued, for example, for partial closure of a street, the setting of a temporary speed limit or arranging parking for the workers’ vehicles. Apply for a temporary traffic arrangement permit via eLupapalvelu.

Excavation in public areas

Excavation in public areas (in Finnish) such as streets and parks requires an excavation permit. The positioning of cables and structures (e.g. electric cables, water pipes, district heating pipelines) in a public area also requires a siting permit (in Finnish). The Public Works Department issues excavation and siting permits for public areas under the city’s control.

The excavation permit is subject to a fee. When applying for the excavation permit, payment details and the business ID or personal identity code of the payer must be provided. If the permit applicant is not the party commissioning the work, a letter of authorisation is required from the commissioning party.

To be determined before applying for an excavation permit:

  • Does the excavation require the application of a siting permit?
  • Does the excavation require the application of a separate permit for temporary traffic arrangements, i.e. will the excavation cause significant disturbance to traffic (closing a lane, arranging a diversion, etc.)?
  • Is there a need to lease public areas for use as a construction site or for parking?

NOTE! The cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen) require the completion of an excavation course (in Finnish) from the person responsible for the excavation work.