Snow disposal

Snow disposal site

The City of Espoo has one snow disposal site in Vanttila at Vanttilantie 9. The snow disposal site is open every day from 7:00 to 22:00.

Taking snow to any other areas owned by the city is forbidden.

Disposal criteria

Snow disposal is allowed at the site in accordance with the terms of use and instructions of the site manager. Bringing construction or any other type of waste to the snow disposal site is strictly forbidden. If the site gate is closed, snow disposal is not allowed in the area or next to it.

Terms of use

The transporter has the duty to read the terms of use (in Finnish). Having accepted the terms of use, the transporter may apply for a permit that allows snow disposal at the service provider’s snow disposal sites in Espoo, Vantaa and Helsinki. Once the service provider has approved the application, an agreement is concluded between the transporter and service provider.

Disposal fee

As of 1 January 2019, the disposal fee is € 20.00 per load + VAT (24%).

The snow disposal fees are invoiced on a monthly basis.

Electronic disposal system

The snow disposal system is based on the electronic identification of the vehicle’s registration number.

There is a dedicated electronic service for transporters that can be used to register as a user of the disposal site, to update vehicle data and report their own use of the site. The load-specific data of each disposal event is registered in the electronic system and used for invoicing purposes.

More information: Solveig Vakkuri, tel. 043 824 9234,

Logging in to the system

The transporter enters their vehicles into the system and fills in the permit application. It is recommended to submit the applications as early as possible before the winter season begins in order to avoid congestion in application processing. The application process takes on average three working days.

It is recommended to submit the application straight away. See the material of the new operating system (in Finnish). 

Link to the disposal

Invoicing grounds

The invoice is sent to the company having registered the vehicle.  The service provider will not allocate the invoices even if the company is driving snow loads with the same vehicle from the sites of several customers. The company having brought the snow loads is thus responsible for all costs arising from the snow loads and charging those costs to its customers.