Winter maintenance of streets – shared responsibility of the city and plot owner

Winter maintenance belongs in part to the city and in part to the owners of properties along the street.

Duties of the plot owner or occupant

  • to ensure the removal of the bank of snow formed at the plot access
  • to ensure the maintenance of the access road to the plot
  • to ensure the cleaning of the ditch and rainwater gutters
  • to remove hazardous snow from the property’s equipment (for example a letterbox or fence)
  • to ensure cleaning of the street (litter) up to the middle line of the street.

Property owners are not allowed move snow from their plot onto the city’s street or park areas. There must be a dedicated place for snow on their own plot. If necessary, snow must be transported to a snow disposal site. The same duties apply to the leaseholder of a plot.

Winter maintenance duties of the city

The city ensures snow removal and the prevention of slipperiness on public roads and pavements. Gritting is the primary method of preventing slipperiness.

Streets have been divided into three and pavements and bicycle lanes into two maintenance classes based on their traffic significance. Streets are maintained in an order of priority determined by their maintenance classification.

The street maintenance classification is displayed on the map.