Street lighting

Street lighting and well-lit public areas create a safer and more pleasant environment. The City of Espoo is responsible for the lighting of streets and other public areas. The Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for the lighting on Ring I, Ring II, Ring III, Kauklahdenväylä, Turuntie/Nupurintie, and Vihdintie. In order to save energy, the street lighting is dimmed at night, between 10pm and 6am, when traffic is at its slowest.

Scheduled maintenance for street lighting

The street lighting systems are serviced regularly, three times a year. Maintenance is carried out region by region. For cost reasons, individual bulbs are not replaced outside this schedule. Urgent faults are repaired as soon as possible. Espoo’s street lighting is maintained and repaired by Suomen Energiaurakointi (SEU).

Reporting street lighting faults

You can report street lighting faults (burnt-out bulbs or lighting columns that have been damaged in collisions) to the Technical Services Department’s customer service staff or  .  Faults that threaten electrical safety can be reported to the national emergency number outside office hours. Do not use the emergency number to report less serious faults.

Additions to the street lighting network

There are approximately 51 000 light fittings along the streets of Espoo. The most important lighting construction projects in 2011 were the Vantinportti underpass and lighting plans connected with the western Metro expansion in various parts of the city. New street lighting is constantly being built, and the locations are chosen according to need. Initiatives regarding street lighting can be sent in writing to the Registry Office. Street lighting initiatives should contain the following information: the exact location of the desired lighting, the amount of lighting needed, the estimated number of users, and information related to traffic safety and public safety. Initiatives are handled and evaluated every January.