Private roads

Private roads are maintained by private property owners and other members of the road maintenance association. Private roads are regulated by the Private Roads Act 560/2018.

Private road construction proceedings are ensured by the National Land Survey of Finland and in detail plan areas accordant with the binding plot subdivision by the City of Espoo. 

Private road maintenance and private road allowances 

Members of a road maintenance association are responsible for the maintenance of their private roads. The City of Espoo includes private roads within the detailed plan area in its maintenance activities, if they meet the conditions for inclusion.

The City of Espoo grants allowances for the maintenance of private roads. In order for a private road to be eligible for the allowance, it must be an access road to at least two permanently occupied properties and it must allow access to external traffic. The property driveway, roads situated inside the plot, farm roads and roads leading only to recreational dwellings are not eligible for allowance. 

Applications for private road maintenance allowances are processed once a year.
Tiekunta-avustushakemus 2021 (pdf, 199 Kt in Finnish) with the required attachments must be submitted by the end of February to the Registry Office of the Public Works Department either by post or e-mail.

In order to be eligible for the allowance, a road maintenance association must be established to take care of matters related to the road and to ensure that data pertaining to the association and private road are up to date, both in the private road register and in the road and street network information system.

An allowance for fundamental improvement of private roads may be applied for from the ELY Centre.