Claiming compensation for damages


In certain cases, the City of Espoo will pay for vehicle damage or injuries caused by the poor condition of traffic routes, falling roadside or park trees or traffic signs, or slipping or falling on traffic routes maintained by the city.

Claiming compensation for damages

The injured party must submit a written compensation claim to the Technical Services Department. The forms required for claiming compensation are available at the bottom of the page (in Finnish). The claims handlers will check the scene of the incident and the weather and other conditions at the time of the incident. If necessary, the claimant will be asked to provide additional information. An insurance company statement will always be requested for pain and suffering compensation and permanent handicap compensation claims. The compensation decision will be sent to the claimant in writing in Finnish.

Liikenteen varoitusmerkit.JPG

Enclosed are a few of the most common traffic signs indicating danger in city traffic.

Slow down and pay increasing attention to any dangers in the vicinity of the street area.