Street Maintenance

The Technical Services Department maintains the street and road network of Espoo with the exception of motorways, ring roads and other public roads maintained by Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and private roads maintained by road maintenance associations.


Street maintenance includes e.g. now ploughing, preventing slipperiness, maintaining traffic signs, cleaning street areas, repairing road surfaces, managing drains and culverts as well as leveling the road surface of gravel roads and dust binding.

The city is responsible for maintenance of streets, market places and pedestrian and cycle routes in the town planning areas as well as the private roads that it has agreed to manage. The Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for the maintenance of motorways and ring roads as well as highways and local roads, in addition to the overall development of the transport system. Private roads are managed by road maintenance associations or individual properties.

Road maintenance divisions conduct the maintenance word of the city in their designated regions. Some of the maintenance and cleaning tasks of streets that are in public use are done by property owners. Winter maintenance is carried out in the order of urgency as prescribed by the maintenance classification. Street green areas are maintained by the city´s Green Area Productions.

Damage notices

The Technical Services Department´s customer services should be informed of any damages or problems in street areas, Tfn 09 816 25100.