Skanska to construct the surroundings of the Kivenlahti metro centre

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2020-11-02 14:30

The Public Works Department and Skanska have signed an agreement on the implementation of the reform of the local detailed plan area of the Kivenlahti metro centre. In addition to the construction sites of West Metro, the construction of streets, squares and parks will begin in the area. The surroundings of the metro centre and transport connections to the metro station are to be renewed and urbanised while increasing the comfortable urban space.

Kivenlahden metroaseman havainnekuva 1

A significant part of the project is the construction of new underpasses under Länsiväylä, of which Ruukinmäenportti will have both a driveway and a pedestrian and bicycle lane. Tschetschulininportti will have a pedestrian route and a bicycle lane. In addition, pedestrian streets and squares will be built and, for example, the plot of the parking facility will be excavated. Länsiväylä will be returned from the temporary detour to its original location and, at the same time, its elevation will be slightly increased. The contract will also include ramp arrangements.

Kivenlahden metroasemn havainnekuva 3

Commercial services, office space, learning facilities, park-and-ride facilities, sports services and housing have been designed to be built around the metro centre. Marinpuisto will be renovated in terms of park walkways and lighting.

Construction will begin in November 2020, and the work is expected to be completed in June 2022.