Plenty of space at the West Metro park-and-ride facilities

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2018-02-20 15:38

Aalto-yliopiston metroasema

There are plenty of park-and-ride parking spaces available at the Espoo metro stations daily. You can see the number of available spaces in real time on the info screens in the streets near the metro stations and in the HSL Journey Planner. Espoo metro stations have a total of 1,000 park-and-ride parking spaces for cars and 1,500 spaces for bicycles.

For motorists, park-and-ride parking costs €2.

Park-and-ride facilities for cars at Espoo metro stations

• Tapiola 370 spaces
• Sports Park 200 spaces
• Niittykumpu 80 spaces
• Matinkylä 350 spaces

Keilaniemi currently has no park-and-ride facilities due to construction work. In the coming years, Keilaniemi will have 180 park-and-ride parking spaces.  Aalto University station has no parking spaces for cars, either.

Park-and-ride facilities for bicycles at Espoo metro stations

The metro stations have a total of 1,500 bicycle parking spaces, mainly frame-lock and covered bicycle racks located near the metro and connecting buses. A few stations also have bike maintenance stations.


• Approximately 30 spaces between the station buildings and 30 next to the north entrance.
• All the spaces enable frame locking
• In the coming years, around 100 more cycle spaces will be built.

Aalto University station

• 80 frame-lock spaces at the Tietotie entrance and 120 (temporary) wheel-lock spaces at the main entrance.
• There will be many more frame-lock spaces after the completion of Korkeakouluaukio and the Väre building.


• 90 frame-lock spaces on Länsituulenkuja and at the station.
• Heikinkuja has 70 spaces, 50 of them covered.
• 230 frame-lock spaces on Tuulikinsilta.
• In 2019, there will be approximately 300 more cycle spaces.


• 170 frame-lock spaces, 50 of them covered.
• Bicycle maintenance station
• In the future, there will be more parking spaces for bicycles, the final number will be 500.


• 200 spaces in the Merituulentie underpass.
• A maintenance station is also available for cyclists.
• In 2018, 160 cycle spaces will be completed in Niittytori.


• 480 spaces in the vicinity of the metro station entrances.
• There will be more cycle parking spaces in the future when the new metro entrance is completed.