Espoo’s six metro stations

As the metro is extended westward, six metro stations open in Espoo: Keilaniemi, Aalto-yliopisto, Tapiola, Urheilupuisto, Niittykumpu and Matinkylä. The objectives for planning have been user friendly stations, so that also occasional passengers easily can find their way. All entrances to the stations are obstacle-free. Passengers with reduced mobility or a visual impairment can use the metro safely. The surroundings of the metro stations are developed to be attractive and unique areas for workplaces, services and housing.

Keilaniemi station

Keilaniemen metroasema_keskipalsta
Keilaniemi is a divider, between work and housing, the sea and the land, and two cities. Photo: ALA Architects Ltd.

The importance of Keilaniemi as a divider is emphasised in the station’s architectural planning: the area functions as a divider between work and housing, the sea and the land, and the vicinity of a boundary between two cities.

Keilaniemi station is located on the narrow strip between Karhusaarentie and Keilaniementie, next to Fortum’s head office at Keilaniementie 3.

There are two separate entrance buildings to the metro station; a southern building with the main entrance, and a northern building that will be located close to the curve in Keilaniementie. The station will serve approximately 20,000 passengers daily.

Aalto University station

Aalto-yliopiston metroasema_keskipalsta
The suspended ceiling in pre-patinated corten steel creates a strong mood. Photo: ALA Architects Ltd.

At the station’s entrances, this mood is created by the pre-patinated corten suspended ceiling whose tone fits into the red-brick campus surroundings. Aalto University station is located southwest of the Undergraduate Centre of the Aalto University in the middle of the architecturally significant campus area in Otaniemi.

The main entrance is located west of Otaniementie opposite the Undergraduate Centre of Aalto University. The view to the former main building of Helsinki University of Technology opens up when the entrance of the station is approached via an escalator. The station’s street address is Otaniementie 12.

The main ticket hall is located at the eastern end of the station, one floor below street level. The daily number of passengers served by the station is estimated at 20,000.

Tapiola station

Tapiolan metroasema_keskipalsta
The station is characterised by whiteness and open space. Photo: Janne Lehtinen.

Tapiola metro station is easily recognisable by its white and wide open space. The back-lit white glass walls complement the spacious and high ambience of the station, expanding into the ticket sales level.

Tapiola station is built underneath Merituulentie Street, accessible at Merituulentie 1. The platform can be accessed by lifts and escalators.

The station will be an integral part of the shopping centre above the metro line and other services in Tapiola.

Tapiola station will be the other western end of the line station and an important centre of feeder traffic. Roughly 26,000 passengers will pass through

Urheilupuisto station

Urheilupuiston metroasema_2_keskipasta
The themes of the station are energy, motion, youth, strength, growth and colour. Photo: HKP Architects.

The themes of the station are energy, motion, youth, strength, growth and colour. As opposed to other stations of the west metro, Urheilupuisto Station is not constructed in bedrock.

Urheilupuisto Station is situated in Niittymaa, at the northern edge of Jousenpuisto Park, south of the sports grounds. Its street address is Jousenpuistonkatu 2.

The entrance to the station is located at the western end of the station, along Koivu-Mankkaan tie. The ticket hall is located just below ground level. The station will be used by approximately 13,000 passengers every day.

Niittykumpu station

Niittykummun metroasema_keskipalsta
The interior reflects a summer meadow as in “nitty”, meadow. Photo: HKP Architects.

The Niittykumpu metro station is a part of a new commercial centre currently under construction. The station’s interior design presents a strong and unique identity that reflects a summer meadow.

Niittykumpu Station is located at the corner of Merituulentie and Haukilahdenkatu at Niittykatu 2. The station will be used by roughly 11,000 people each day.

Matinkylä station

Matinkylän metroasema_keskipalsta
The platform ceiling is inspired by light summer clouds and rime. Photo: HKP Architects.

Matinkylä station and the adjoining bus terminal form part of the metro centre constructed in connection with Iso Omena shopping centre.

Matinkylä is the terminus of the first phase of the west metro, and it is, therefore, an important centre for feeder traffic.

The station is conveniently accessible from the shopping centre at Suomenlahdentie 1. The station will serve approximately 31,000 passengers daily.

Iso Omena Service Centre