City Rail Link

In June 2020, the Finnish Government decided on the construction of the City Rail Link in Espoo and participation in the Turku rail yard project. The City Rail Link and the Turku rail yard project will be the first phases of the new high-speed rail link between Helsinki and Turku.

The City Rail Link will further improve public transport connections in the developing Espoon keskus and the rapidly growing Leppävaara, also supporting the transformation of the Kera area. The rail link is part of the development of the public transport system in the capital region. It will improve the punctuality and efficiency of long-distance traffic towards Turku and local traffic in Karjaa, Kirkkonummi and Espoo. The City Rail Link will be created by building two additional tracks between Leppävaara and Kauklahti. After completion, two tracks will be available for long-distance traffic and high-speed commuter trains and two for frequent commuter traffic.

The City Rail Link will considerably promote the sustainable development of Espoo’s five urban centres and be an important step towards emission-free transport. 

The City Rail Link is also a precondition for building the one-hour rail link between Helsinki and Turku. The one-hour rail link will be a remarkable investment in growth and climate protection. It will enhance economic productivity by improving labour mobility and by strengthening the links between companies and scientific communities. It is estimated that the project will stimulate additional investments worth tens of billions of euros, including the construction of tens of thousands of new homes.

Once completed, the high-speed rail link between Helsinki and Turku will create a common commuting area for 1.5 million people.

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