Public transport

Efficient public transport is a key element in moving about in Espoo. One-fifth of Espoo residents’ vehicle rides are accomplished by public transport. The public transport services of Espoo are being developed purposefully as part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Rail-based city structure.

The planning, operation, vehicles, timetables and ticket system of the public transport system are the responsibility of Helsinki Region Transport, HSL. The City of Espoo is responsible for the construction and maintenance of bus stops.

New ticket and fee system adopted in April 2019

The travel zones of public transport no longer follow municipal boundaries. The new zones were drawn as radii at different distances from the city centre of Helsinki. They are identified as A, B, C and D according to their distance from the city centre of Helsinki. Helsinki Region Transport offers more information on the reform at their website.

Guidance and feedback

Feedback regarding the public transport system, timetables and ticket system must be submitted directly to HSL:

  • Electronic feedback form 
  • Customer Service, tel. 09 4766 4000
    • Open Mon–Fri 7–19 and Sat–Sun 9–17 (€0.98/call + local network charge)

Feedback regarding bus stops can be submitted to the City of Espoo via the feedback function provided at the top of this page.