Street and park areas of Kivenlahti metro centre

Project description

The new streets to be built in the contract include the south end of Kiviruukinkatu and Höyrylaivantie for a distance of about 560 metres. Länsiväylä will get about 600 metres of new roadway and about 450 metres of ramps with bridges and trough structures.

The bridges of the Kiviruukinportti underpass will be built east of the Kauklahdenväylä ramp. Beneath the bridge structure will run Kiviruukinkatu, which will pass under the ramp to the south of Länsiväylä and under the roadways. Kiviruukinportti will have three adjacent reinforced concrete ring frame bridges.

Of the existing roadways, Kauklahdenväylä will be extended by about 160 metres south of Länsiväylä, Vanha Jorvaksentie at the east end, Kivenlahdenkatu and Merivirta at the north end. Meripoiju and Meriusva streets will also be constructed. In addition, connecting streets will be constructed in terms of sections requiring the connection of municipal infrastructure and street structures.

The Tschetschulininportti underpass will consist of two adjacent bridges: the north bridge will be on Länsiväylä and the south bridge will be on Höyrylaivantie. Under the bridge structure will run Kiviruukinpolku, a pedestrian and bicycle route from Meriusvanaukio to Kiviruukinaukio. A ramp and stairs to the underpass will be built from Höyrylaivantie. The underpass wall will feature a mural, and patterned steel plates will be suspended from the ceiling.

Tschetschulininportti 1.2

Screenshot of Ramboll Finland Oy’s presentation video of the street design phase of the Kivenlahti metro centre’s street plan area. The image shows Tschetschulininportti.

The pedestrian and bicycle routes, squares and markets to be built include Poijutori, Laineitteinaukio, Meriusvanaukio, Seitsenmerenreitti and Stensvikinpiha.

In order to build the streets, squares and pedestrian and bicycle routes, the ground and foundations will be strengthened by stabilising, piling and pile slabs. Several support walls will be built to support the street and bridge structures. The construction will include the installation of water pipes, wastewater drains and storm drains with wells. Protective pipelines for electric and communications cables and district heating lines will also be installed. 

Vanha Jorvaksentie, Kivenlahdenkatu, Meripoiju, Meriusva and Merivirta will not be constructed fully. The top asphalt layer, asphalting of pedestrian and bicycle routes and adjacent paving, kerbs and planting will be completed after the completion of the buildings. Similarly, the paving surfaces and planting of Meriusvanaukio, Kiviruukinpolku and the Seitsenmerenreitti will be handled later. 

Kiviruukinkatu and the pedestrian and bicycle routes south of Vanha Jorvaksentie, west of Kivenlahdenkatu, north of Höyrylaivankatu and east of Merivirta will be completed down to the paving and planting. Similarly, the south side of Meripoiju and east side of Meriusva will be completed. Surfaces of pedestrian and bicycle routes that are not asphalted or paved will be covered with a 40-mm layer of rock dust.  In addition, works of art and special lights will be installed in roundabouts and pedestrian and bicycle routes in the area.

The Länsiväylä bypass built in a separate contract will be demolished and landscaped.

The park areas will be built into Poijupuisto and Marinpuisto parks. Two depressions for stormwater treatment will be constructed in Marinpuisto park. Access routes, planting, grasslands and meadow areas will be built in the parks. 

Block 34006 between Vanha Jorvaksentie and the Länsiväylä ramp will be excavated for future construction. For example, a multi-storey car park and fitness centre will be built in the block later on. Block area 34028 will also be excavated and will undergo other preconstruction for later construction.

For more information, visit the street plan website page Höyrylaivantie, Merivirta, Kiviruukinkatu, Kivenlahdenkatu, Vanha Jorvaksentie, Meripoiju, Poijutori, Meriusva, Meriusvanaukio, Laineitteinaukio, Stensvikinpiha, Seitsenmerenreitti, Marinpuisto and Ruukinmäki dog park in Kivenlahti