Western Tarvonsilta Bridge has been opened

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2020-11-24 8:00

Tarvonsilta iltavalaistuksessa, Tarvonsilta iltavalaistuksessaWestern Tarvonsilta Bridge has been opened for pedestrian and bicycle traffic between Tarvaspää and Munkkiniemi. Located in Laajalahti, the bridge is important and much used by commuters and recreational users alike.

In May-September, on weekdays an average of 1,500 cyclists a day cross the bridge. The number of pedestrians who cross it daily is not known, but the popular route attracts joggers, strollers and dog walkers all year round. The newly built bridge is also part of the popular commuting route between Leppävaara and Munkkiniemi, which is being developed into a high-quality cycling route (‘baana’).

The new tensioned concrete slab bridge is 144 metres in length and 6 metres in width. The bridge lighting was also redesigned during the work. The old pontoon bridge, which was in poor condition, came to the end of its road and has now been demolished. The new bridge was designed by WSP Finland Oy and built by Kreate Oy.

Tarvonsilta rakennusvaihe

One famous user of the crossing was artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela, who lived in Tarvaspää, next to the bridge. In the 1910s, Gallen-Kallela used to walk across the bridge from Tarvaspää to Munkkiniemi before taking a tram to the city to see his friends.

Tarvonsilta historiaa

Fotos: Kristiina Kartimo ja WSP Finland Oy

A celebratory video created in honour of Tarvonsilta Bridge describes the rich history of the traditional crossing and the design and construction of the new bridge.