City bikes

Joint-use city bikes complement the public transport system and promote the use of sustainable forms of transport. City bikes have established themselves as a part of our daily travel chains. The most popular city bike stations are located in connection with metro and train stations. City bikes are also used on leisure trips: there are several popular city bike stations along the Rantaraitti waterfront walkway, for example.

The city bike seasons starts at the beginning of April and lasts until the end of October. The city bike service is a joint service between Espoo and Helsinki. The city bikes can be used between the cities: you can ride them from Espoo to Helsinki and vice versa. The city bike service operates on stations, i.e. bikes can only be taken in use and returned at a city bike station. A total of 110 stations operate on the Espoo side.

You can register as a city bike service user at the HSL website. The site also lists the locations of city bike stations.

The city bike service is provided by the City of Espoo’s Environment and Technical Services and Helsinki City Transport (HKL). The service is maintained by CityBike Finland. Its marketing, digital services and customer relationships are the responsibility of Helsinki Region Transport, HSL. The sales of advertisement spots on city bikes and bicycle stations are carried out by the outdoor advertising company Clear Channel.

City bike customer service

CityBike Finland Oy
Tel. 09 425 788 10
(Mon–Fri 7:00–19:00, Sat–Sun 9:00–17:00)

Fault reports and feedback

City bike feedback and fault reports

Feedback on the Espoo city bike network to the customer service of Environment and Technical Services

More information on city bikes and cycling

Registering as a user and instructions for using the city bike service

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