City bikes

City bikes are available in Espoo starting on 2 May 2018. There are a total of 105 city bike stations and most of those are located near the metro lines. Espoo has also 32 city bike stations in Leppävaara.

The city bike system promotes the use of sustainable means of transportation. It complements Espoo’s public transportation system, making it more attractive to use. The goal is to integrate the city bike system into public transportation users’ trip chains and leisure activities.

To register as a city bike user, go to the city bike website of Helsinki Region Transport (HSL): To use a city bike, you need the cyclist ID that the system will give you when you register. Alternatively, you can use your HSL travel card and the PIN code you choose during the registration process.

The city bike service covers both Helsinki and Espoo, regardless of city boundaries. You can ride your bike from one city to the other. You can return your bike to a bike station in either of the cities. The bike season will last until the end of October.

The Technical and Environment Services of the City of Espoo are responsible for the city bike service in Espoo. In Helsinki, the party responsible is Helsinki City Transport HKL. The service is maintained by CityBike Finland. Marketing, digital services and customer service are the responsibility of Helsinki Region Transport (HSL). Advertisement slots on the city bikes and the bike stations are sold by the outdoor advertisement company Clear Channel.

City bike stations

Support and feedback

City bike station locations:
Customer service of Technical and Environmental Services

Matters related to the city bikes, malfunctions and other problems:
CityBike Finland Oy
Tel. 09 425 788 10
(Mon–Fri at 7 am–7 pm, Sat–Sun at 9 am–5 pm)

Registration, customership:

Further information about the city bikes, user registration and instructions 
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