Pedestrian and bicycle traffic

Espoo’s closeness to nature and comprehensive network of pedestrian and bicycle routes offer good opportunities to get around by bicycle or on foot. The city has approximately 600 kilometres of routes for pedestrian and bicycle traffic and approximately 200 underpasses and overpasses. Most of the pedestrian and bicycle routes are maintained in the winter, although some are park paths or outdoor routes only usable in the summer.

The City of Espoo is constantly developing the road network for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. When new street network is built, the planners strive to include the necessary pedestrian and bicycle routes and grade separations in the plans already at this stage. Missing pedestrian and bicycle routes are being constructed along existing streets, and routes already in use are constantly being renovated with consideration for their traffic safety.

Developing pedestrian and bicycle routes in Espoo

Espoo schools help promote traffic safety in a praiseworthy manner.

Regional co-operation to develop and promote pedestrian and bicycle traffic involves the municipalities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the Finnish Transport Agency and HSL Helsinki Region Transport.

The Espoo Waterfront Walkway, which offers residents opportunities for exercise and recreation in a seaside environment, is a special development target.

Press release: Espoo aiming for a significant increase in bicycle traffic (in Finnish)

Journey Planner for Cyckling and Walking