Walking and cycling

The nature surrounding Espoo and the city’s comprehensive network of walking and cycling routes offer excellent opportunities for getting around by bike or on foot. Most of the walking and cycling routes are maintained in the winter. Some of the routes are park paths or hiking routes that are only in use in the summer. More information on the safety of walking and cycling in Espoo is available on our the website under Traffic safety.

We are constantly developing our walking and cycling route network. When building a new street network, our aim is to include the necessary walking and cycling routes and grade separations. Missing routes are being constructed along existing streets. The existing routes are constantly being renovated and their traffic safety is enhanced. In order to promote and develop the conditions for walking and cycling, regional cooperation is carried out with the other municipalities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the Uusimaa ELY Centre and HSL.

The construction of our 2050 target network for cycling will be a long-term effort, and it will be carried out in different ways in different situations. Most of Espoo’s target network are existing combined pedestrian and cycling routes, some of which need to be improved. Half of the target network (60 km) is estimated to be ready by 2030. Some of the target network will be constructed in connection with other street, road and traffic projects, and part will be carried out as independent cycling projects within budgetary limits. Additional information on the development of the main routes can be found in the main route implementation programme 2020–2029 approved by the Technical Services Committee (5/2020, Section 48).