Vehicle tows

A vehicle that is incorrectly parked, damaged, or prevents street work or sanitation will be towed by the city to a public parking lot or to the closest place suitable for this purpose after two days following the start of parking. The costs of towing will be charged from the owner/holder. The police will move any vehicles hindering traffic.

A vehicle parked in private property or parked incorrectly in the terrain can be towed upon a justified request by the land owner or holder. 

Traffic accidents

The owner, holder or driver of a vehicle is obligated to transfer the vehicle away from the accident site without delay and no later than within two days from the traffic accident. Vehicles endangering safety must be transferred immediately away from the traffic area.

Abandoned vehicles

If the holder of an abandoned vehicle neglects his/her duty under the Waste Act to deliver the vehicle to an appropriate treatment facility away from the streets and public parking lots, the city is obligated to take care of removing the vehicle from the environment within the municipality boarders. Abandoned vehicles will be transferred to the vehicle depot of Ämmässuontie. Before towing, the vehicle owner or holder will be prompted to remove the vehicle within seven days.

If the owner of the abandoned vehicle is not known, a notification of towing will be made by means of a public notice for at least 30 days on the city’s noticeboard. If the vehicle has burnt up or it is a danger to the environment or people, the city will tow the vehicle directly to the treatment facility.

Notification and invoice of the tow will be sent to the owner

The city will issue for information a written decision on the tow to the last owner entered in the registry or to some other known owner or holder. The decision will be issued without delay after the tow. The decision will prompt to collect the vehicle within 60 days from receiving the notification under penalty of the vehicle becoming property of the city. The vehicle owner or holder is obligated to compensate for the costs incurred by the towing arrangements, towing, storage and administration.

You can report abandoned vehicles to the Customer Service of the Technical Department. The report must include the precise location, vehicle mark and colour as well as the registration number. Preferably also an indication of how long the vehicle has stood abandoned.

Instructions for redeeming a vehicle

Vehicles subject to a public notice are prompted to be collected within 30 days from receiving the notification under penalty of the vehicle becoming property of the city. If the vehicle owner wants to collect his/her vehicle from the depot, he/she must pay the towing invoice before redeeming it. The vehicle will be handed over to the owner against a receipt of payment. If the vehicle is not collected within the set deadline, the city will invoice the costs caused by towing or take legal action for recovery of debt.