Parking spaces for carsharing vehicles

The City of Espoo warmly welcomes carsharing as it is a mode of transport that utilises shared resources. As the number of transport services available increases, more and more people switch from owning a car to using cars that are available when needed. The increase in and development of carsharing services in Espoo supports the city’s sustainable mobility objectives.

Parking for carsharing customers

There are several companies providing carsharing services in Espoo. The City of Espoo encourages the use of such services for example by allocating parking spaces for them in central urban locations. These parking spaces are marked with traffic signs. Carsharing vehicles can also be parked in the 24-hour parking areas designated by the city. In addition, carsharing companies have signed parking agreements with private operators and defined their own service areas. For this reason, it is a good idea to check the mobile app of each carsharing company to find out where the company’s vehicles may be parked.

Parking for carsharing companies

Companies providing carsharing services may apply for a parking right by submitting an application to the City of Espoo. A parking right entitles the company to use parking spaces allocated for carsharing vehicles, marked with traffic signs. The parking right is free of charge and valid until further notice. Companies may apply for the parking right if they fulfil the eligibility criteria specified in a separate application notice and its appendices. In addition, they must agree to comply with the terms of the parking right.

Parking spaces for carsharing vehicles provided by the City of Espoo

The parking spaces are marked with traffic signs and can be found on the Capital Region Service Map.


  • Keilaniemi Metro Station (room for 7 vehicles)


  • Hevosenkenkä 4 (room for 4 vehicles)
  • Leppävaaranaukio (room for 8 vehicles)
  • Leppäviidantie (room for 22 vehicles)
  • Linnanrakentajainsilta (room for 17 vehicles)
  • Rummunlyöjänkatu (room for 29 vehicles)


  • Matinpuronpolku, parking area (room for 3 vehicles)


  • Jämeräntaival 2 (room for 5 vehicles)
  • Otakaari 20 (room for 4 vehicles)
  • Otakaari 24 (room for 3 vehicles)
  • Otaniementie 10 (room for 3 vehicles)


  • Tapionaukio (room for 22 vehicles)

Changes to the parking areas and the numbers of spaces available are possible