Parking for car share vehicles

In the Espoo area, companies providing car share services can apply for parking rights entitling them to park at separately marked car share spaces. Parking rights are free of charge and valid for an indefinite period of time.

Companies may apply if they fulfil the eligibility criteria in the separate application notice and in the attachments and agree to comply with the terms of the parking rights.

Parking spaces reserved for car share vehicles

Car share vehicles have the right to park in spaces separately marked for them with traffic signs up to 24 hours. Changes regarding the parking spaces and the number of spaces are possible. Parking spaces reserved for car share vehicles can currently be found in the following locations:

  • Leppävaara railway station (address Leppävaaranaukio), 8 spaces (Map)
  • Otaniemi, (address Otakaari 24), 3 spaces (Map)
  • Mtinkylä, Matinpuronpolku car park (address Matinpuronpolku), 3 spaces (Map)