Within the city limits, parking is controlled and guidance is provided in matters related to parking. A parking prohibition is indicated with the parking prohibited (page four) or parking prohibited zone (page four) traffic signs. The parking prohibited sign is used in many areas together with an additional sign indicating a time limit and validity. 

Regional parking prohiThe sign for regional parking prohibition.bition

The regional parking prohibition is used to reduce the number of traffic signs in areas where there are only a few entry points (such as a city district). The prohibition applies to parking within the area in question. The parking prohibited zone sign is often on the same post with the speed limit sign.

The P sign for parking space. On-street parking is usually only allowed in places indicated by traffic signs

On-street parking is free-of-charge but most often time limits apply. Parking spaces are primarily indicated by blue P signs and parking spaces painted on the ground.

In areas where a time limit applies, there is usually an obligation to use the parking disc. The allowed parking time varies from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

The obligation to use a parking disc is indicated by an additional sign on the traffic sign with an image of the parking disc and the maximum allowed parking time. A vehicle cannot be parked in such areas without a parking disc.

The parking disc must be placed in a visible spot inside the vehicle  

The half or full hour following the start of parking is marked as the arrival time on the parking disc depending on which comes earlier.

Arranging parking

In Espoo, spaces for residential and visitor parking as well as commuting parking are primarily designated in the courtyards of buildings and plots reserved for parking. Local city plans and building permits require building management companies and other properties to provide for a certain number of own parking spaces.

In many areas, however, there are not enough property-specific parking spaces. In such cases, the aim is to also provide parking spaces along streets, if it is possible while still ensuring smooth traffic and street maintenance.

There are several private multi-storey car parks on offer that are either free-of-charge or subject to a charge. The city no longer has paid parking lots.