The attraction and density of Keilaniemi is increasing

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2019-12-05 12:02

Keilaniemi and the southern part of Otaniemi are becoming significantly denser. The area surrounding the final stop of the future Jokeri light rail in Keilaniemi has become an important and interesting development site. An underground car park is planned near this final stop, enabling a great deal more efficient land use.

In addition to the metro, Jokeri light rail and the future underground parking facility, the tunnelling of Ring I and the renewed Aalto University campus in Keilaniemi promote the development of the area even further. A park is being built above the tunnel of Ring I, and the pedestrian and cycling lane travelling through this park will connect Keilaniemi and Tapiola.

“Keilaniemi is an exceptionally important business area, both in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and on a national scale, and it will also house services and housing. The areas surrounding the metro station and, especially, the Jokeri light rail’s final stop attract construction projects. A solution to the parking issues of these pending projects is the underground car park built into the bedrock, the local detailed plan of which is now being prepared,” says Olli Isotalo, the Head of Technical and Environment Service.

“The city’s goal is to ensure that the objectives set for developing the Keilaniemi area will be achieved. In addition to good public transport connections and apartments and offices, the area needs service industry and a lively, attractive beach zone.”

Office and business premises at Jokeri’s final stop, with apartments on top

New office and business premises with residential apartments above them are being planned in connection with Jokeri light rail’s final stop. Regenero is the company behind these plans, and it already has several ongoing development projects in Keilaniemi, such as developing Keilaniemenranta and the underground car park. The project will be integrated with Jokeri light rail’s final stop and its implementation schedule.

New office construction in the metro block

NCC Property Development Oy wants to buy the plot located in Keilaniemi’s metro block and build office premises there. This plot belongs to a block of residential high-rises, but an office building is also possible in the area. This is NCC’s so-called Next project that will be launched in 2020. The construction permit for the project was granted in September 2019.

New office building Next. View from Keilaniemenpuisto, above Ring I. Illustration: SARC Architects

A proposal to build offices and hotels on a residential tower building plot

A proposal has been made to change the purpose of use of a residential tower building located in Keilaniemi’s metro block. In total, four residential tower plots have been zoned in the area, and NCC Property Development Oy is planning to build office premises and, possibly, hotel facilities in the northernmost plot. Apartments are still planned for the upper floors. Their goal is to start construction in 2022. The plot is located between the metro station and the final stop of Jokeri light rail, in a central spot. This new office site would be paired with NCC’s Next project.

The office/hotel/residential tower building proposed for the residential tower building plot. Illustration: SARC Architects

Planning of a wooden office building to be continued

The construction of the wooden office building being planned along Keilalahdentie is starting to look quite likely. This is the flagship project of Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Keilaniemen Portti, which highlights solutions that support sustainable development. Varma has also applied for an extension of its planning reservation.

Varma’s goal is to proceed with the project immediately after the local detailed plan has come into force. The objective is to finish the area’s local detailed plan in spring 2020.

Wooden-structure office building Keilaniemen Portti. Illustration: Architects Soini & Horto

More apartments planned in Keilaranta

In addition to office premises, more apartments than before are planned to be built on the coastal plots of Keilaranta 9 and 11. This would promote the revitalisation of the beach zone. Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company wants to develop the plots as a whole for office and residential use. The goal is to design a high-quality area with a view of the sea.

Housing, traffic and service construction plans continue in Otaniemi’s Kivimies.

Senate Properties has applied for an extension to a planning reservation concerning the planned housing, commercial and service building in the Kivimies area in Otaniemi. The reserved area is a street area located along the route of Jokeri light rail, between Miestentie, Otaniementie and Kuusisaarentie. The area’s street and traffic plans will be coordinated with the street plans of Jokeri light rail.

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