Guidelines for resident selection

Residents for state-subsidised rental apartments are selected on the basis of their need for housing as well as their assets and/or income. Calculated according to the instructions issued by the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), the asset limits for apartments built with long-term (40 years) interest subsidies are:

Household size












If the size of the applicant’s household grows, the asset limit will be raised by EUR 10,000 per person. Assets should be valued according to their fair value. Fair value is an estimate of the potential market price of the assets. The remaining debts of the household will be deducted from the fair value.

For apartments built with short-term (10 years) interest subsidies, the selection of residents is based on the income of the household. To be eligible for a rental apartment, the monthly income of a one-person household may not exceed EUR 3,540 per month. If the household contains more than one adult over the age of 18, the income limit will be raised by to EUR 2,480 per adult. If the household contains children under the age of 18, the income limit will be raised by EUR 650 for the first child and by EUR 600 for each subsequent child. A person’s age is calculated according to the end of the calendar year in which the apartment is applied for. 

Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa have drawn up common guidelines for monitoring the selection of residents (pdf, 409 Kt) (in Finnish) concerning state-subsidised rental apartments. In Espoo, the Housing Services unit monitors the use of state-subsidised rental apartments and the selection of their residents. The monitoring of resident selection is carried out as post-monitoring with the exception of new operators who have to submit the resident selections for their first location for approval. The owners of state-subsidised rental apartments must submit information on resident selections (in Finnish) once a month (xlsx, 22 kB). Information about residents changing apartments must also be reported. If requested, the owners of state-subsidised rental apartments must be prepared to present the application documents of those selected for and those applying for rental apartments and submit other reports on the apartments and applicants in accordance with the law. Information on resident selections should be sent to:

City of Espoo

Technical and Environment Services
Housing Services
P.O. Box 49

Further information

Sami Malin
Housing Specialist
tel. 040 552 5956