Rental housing in Espoo

Are you looking for a rental apartment in Espoo? Espoo has both non-subsidised and state-subsidised rental apartments. There are no asset or income limits for non-subsidised rental apartments. For state-subsidised apartments, residents are selected on the basis of the applicants’ need for housing as well as their assets and/or income.

You can apply for rental apartments directly from their owners whose websites provide more detailed information on the application process, the apartments and their location in Espoo.

Espoon Asunnot is a city-owned rental housing corporation that manages rental apartments owned by the city. The apartments are mainly state-subsidised rental apartments.

Other companies or entities that own rental apartments in Espoo include Asuntosäätiö, Avara, TA Companies, M2-kodit, Setlementtiasunnot, Kojamo and Sato. In addition, students can apply for rental apartments in Espoo from HOAS (the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region) and AYY (Aalto University Student Union), and young adults can apply for rental apartments from NAL apartments and Nuorisosäätiö.