Rules of lease

  1. The term of lease is one cultivation season at a time. The leaseholder has priority in leasing their allotment for the next season, if they pay the lease for the next season (€48) by the due date. When giving up cultivation, it is hoped that the leaseholder will notify such intentions separately to the Nature Conservation Unit of the Public Works Department or to
  2. The lessor is entitled to review the lease amount seasonally.
  3. The lessor is entitled to cancel the agreement immediately without compensation, if the allotment area is needed for some other use, if the leaseholder does not cultivate the allotment or if the leaseholder does not observe these rules of lease.
  4. The leaseholder shall keep their allotment clean and take the waste to those places reserved for it. Growth in any uncultivated part of the allotment must be kept lower than 30 cm and free of weeds.
  5. The leaseholder must tidy and prepare the ground of the allotment after the cultivation season.
  6. No obtrusive structures, such as tall tool boxes, fences, pieces of furniture or greenhouses are allowed at the allotment.
  7. The leaseholder must immediately report any leaks detected in the irrigation system to the lessor. The leaseholder’s own automatic irrigation systems are not allowed.
  8. Making an open fire in the area of Espoo is forbidden based on Section 16 of the City of Espoo’s environmental protection regulations and Section 24 of the Rescue Act (379/2011).
  9. The lessor is not liable for any loss of cultivation products or other property damage suffered by the leaseholder. The lessor is entitled to prepare the ground of the allotments without hearing the leaseholders and to use the allotments for transferring the preparation equipment. Any damage possibly resulting to plants and movable property will not be compensated for by the lessor.
  10. The leaseholder may not assign this lease agreement to a third party or transfer the use of the allotment to a third party.
  11. The leaseholder must report any changes in their address information immediately to the lessor.
  12. The lessor is entitled to charge the leaseholder for any costs arising from the violation of the rules of this agreement. These include, for example, costs arising from necessary additional cleaning or excessive consumption of water.
  13. As a rule, the use of pesticide is forbidden in the allotments.
  14. Besides these rules, the leaseholder shall follow the Public Order Act (27/06/2003/612) in the allotment areas, for example, in terms of the control of pets.