Stop Invasive Species

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An invasive species is a species that has spread to a new area from its native location. Such species often spread with human assistance, either unintentionally or intentionally. Not all invasive species are harmful.

New species are constantly spreading to Finland, most of which adapt poorly to their new environment and perish quickly.

However, there are also some clearly harmful invasive species. They have succeeded really well in their new environment, and their spreading threatens, for example, natural meadow and field plants.

How to organise an effort?

  1. Find a suitable location and ask the landowner’s permission. Maps of various species can be found on the invasive species portal.
  2. Please inform the Technical Services Department customer service of your effort: 09 8162 5100 or
  3. Invite people to join your effort.
  4. Weed out the invasive species and put them in a sack if they have flowers or seeds.
  5. Put the sacks in a place accessible by a pickup truck.
  6. Report the exact address and number of refuse sacks to the Technical Services Department customer service.

Report your invasive species observations to the invasive species portal (in Finnish). The site provides additional information about invasive species.

Date of the community effort

The best results can be achieved if the plants are weeded out early in the summer, before they bloom. For some species, weeding will be necessary several times a summer and for several years to get rid of them.

Support provided by the city

The city provides refuse sacks for this purpose. City employees will pick up the waste and take it to Ämmässuo for hot composting. Please inform the Technical Services Department customer service of your effort in good time.

Tel.: 09 8162 5100