Spring Cleaning Effort

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A cleaning effort is an excellent way to make your immediate surroundings more comfortable. The purpose is to collect litter from public areas.

What can I do?

In a cleaning effort, residents can collect litter from nearby city-owned land, including paper, cans, bottles and scrap metal. You can register using an electronic form here. (English version is coming soon). The registration period is from March 16 to May 24, and the cleaning effort period is from March 30 to May 31.

Anyone can take part in the effort together or alone, including communities and companies. There will be enough areas to clean up for everyone.

Organic waste, such as plant waste or twigs, as well as hazardous waste and electronics are NOT collected at community effort events. If you find such waste, you can contact the Customer Service of the Technical Department, phone 09 816 25100.

Support provided by the city

In Espoo, the city will provide registered participants with refuse sacks at three different locations in various parts of Espoo and lend litter pickers. When they register, participants may also indicate the location from which the city is to pick up the refuse sacks after the cleaning effort.

Refuse sacks may be fetched from:

  • City Garden, Vantinpuisto 11
  • Eastern green area maintenance base, Viherpeiponkuja 1
  • Southern green area maintenance base, Orionintie 2

Monday-Thursday from 8 to15.30 and Friday from 8 to 13.30.

You must inform us thee days before you pick-up the sacks.

In addition, participants may receive cleaning effort posters (in Finnish and Swedish), with which local residents can be informed of the event. Posters may be downloaded below or requested from the Customer Service of the Technical Department, phone 09 816 25100.

A joint effort for municipalities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

‘Siisti pääkaupunkiseutu’ is a joint effort in which Helsinki, Kauniainen, Espoo and Vantaa together co-ordinate spring cleaning efforts in public areas. The goal is to make the environment cleaner and safer for all residents of and visitors to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.