Autumn Cleaning Effort

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A cleaning effort is an excellent way to make your immediate surroundings more comfortable. The purpose is to collect litter from public areas.

What can I do?

The purpose of an autumn cleaning effort is to collect litter that has accumulated in nature during the summer. You can collect litter in, for example, forests, parks, banks or roadsides in public areas owned by the City of Espoo.

You can send your ideas and action plans to

Anyone can take part in the effort together or alone, including communities and companies. There will be enough areas to clean up for everyone.

Organic waste, such as plant waste or twigs, as well as hazardous waste and electronics are NOT collected at community effort events. If you find such waste, you can contact the Technical Services Department customer service, 09 8162 5100 or


In autumn 2015, the cleaning effort period is 15 August–30 September 2015.

Support provided by the city

If necessary, you will be provided with litter pickers and we can pick up the full refuse sacks. Report the exact address and number of refuse sacks to the Technical Services Department customer service.

In addition, participants may receive cleaning effort posters, with which local residents can be informed of the event. Posters may be downloaded from (in Finnish and Swedish) or requested from the Technical Services Department customer service.