COVID-19 has not slowed down housing construction in Espoo

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2021-01-26 14:34

The number of dwellings started reached a new record in Espoo in 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic. The construction of 6,159 dwellings was started, which was a significant increase on the amount in 2019 (4,645 dwellings). 

Construction site on a plot for a detached house. A light-coloured two-storey semi-detached house in the front. A dark-coloured single-storey semi-detached house in the back.
Construction site for detached houses in Lintuvaara, Espoo. Image: Katja Repo

The number of building permits granted for housing also grew compared to the previous year. In 2019, building permits were granted for 4,804 dwellings, whereas in 2020, this number grew to 6,434. 

“These figures prove that the excellent rate of construction continued despite the exceptional year. Espoo is a place where people want to live,” says Housing Manager Anne Savolainen

The number of dwellings completed (4,081) was slightly lower than in 2019 (4,297), but it still exceeded the goal (3,300). Of the dwellings completed, 888 were in detached houses, two thirds of which were single-family houses.  

The housing production goals are defined in the shared agreements on land use, housing and transport (MAL agreements) between the government and municipalities. The current MAL agreement is valid from 2020 to 2031. Espoo is included in the MAL agreement for the Helsinki region, along with 14 other municipalities. 

Most dwellings located along railways 

Most of the new dwellings were completed in Perkkaa, Niittykumpu, Tapiola and Suurpelto. The construction of many new housing sites was also started. In addition to the districts mentioned above, new housing sites were also started in Finnoo, Espoonlahti, Kilo, Suvela and Matinkylä. 

Rental and right-of-occupancy housing supported by the government 

A total of 965 ARA rental dwellings were started, which clearly exceeded the goal of 660 dwellings. Of these, 165 were student dwellings, and 56 were intended for young residents. As for right-of-occupancy housing, 193 dwellings were started. 

Of the ARA rental dwellings, 589 were completed, and of the right-of-occupancy dwellings, 81 were completed. 

Espoon Asunnot 

Espoon Asunnot exceeded its annual starting goal of 400 dwellings, as it started the construction of 480 dwellings. Espoon Asunnot is the largest provider of rental housing in Espoo with its 16,000 homes.