What kind of air do you breathe?

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2018-05-22 12:33

A new real time map that tells you what the air quality is where you are has been developed for the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The map also predicts how the air quality will change over the next 12 hours. You can check what the air quality of the next few hours looks like at hsy.fi/ilmanlaatukartta and use the forecast, for example, when choosing a route.

The air quality map visualises the results and measurements of a model developed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, taking into account, among other things, weather, topography, traffic volumes, longrange transport of air pollution and emission estimates for wood burning. The air quality map is still being developed as especially the street dust season is challenging for modelling. User experiences are requested from residents to develop the map.

Source: Espoo Magazine 2/2018