Environment and nature's publications

The Espoo Environment Department publishes studies and reports related to the state of the environment and nature conservation in Espoo in two series: the Environment Committee's publication series and the Environment Department's document series. In addition to these series, the department publishes fact sheets on the state of the environment and development of environmental aspects in Espoo. The annual Sustainable Development fact sheet monitors the progress of sustainable development in Espoo. The Environment Department also publishes nature trail and other brochures, and publications in cooperation with its partners.

The Public Works Department and the Environment Department draw up maintenance and usage plans for nature reserves in Espoo based on conservational values. The plans emphasise conservation values and the development thereof, as well as co-operation with the residents. The Public Works Department also prepares nature and landscape management plans for all central areas in Espoo to make sure that maintenance is conducted in a timely manner in terms of vegetation well-being and fairness to the residents.

Most of these publications are only in Finnish.