Explore the City Garden

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2020-08-13 9:14

The Espoo City Garden is located in Vanttila in western Espoo and is a splendid nature destination for all ages. In the City Garden, you can admire a variety of plants, look around or enjoy a picnic, for example. There is a separate playground for the little ones in the family.

One of the most popular destinations is the specimen garden, where you can explore plants both familiar and rare. During the summer, you can admire the display of flowers and become intoxicated by the scents of different species of herbs. The area also includes a Japanese-style garden and an orchard.

The photo shows an apple tree with white flowers in bloom.

Blooming apple trees. Photo by Espoo City Garden.

The history of the Espoo City Garden dates back to the 1970s, so the place also has historical value.

The public park and garden are above all built for the residents. The garden also collaborates with schools, daycare centres and associations. 

The garden does not have separate opening hours, so it is suitable as a destination both on weekdays and weekends.

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