Espoonjoki river rehabilitation has begun

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2021-03-09 9:00

Espoonjoki helmikuussa 2021

The Espoonjoki river flows for seven kilometres from the confluence of the Glimsinjoki and Glomsinjoki rivers all the way to the Espoonlahti bay. The river rehabilitation area is located south of the Turunväylä road from Kirkkojärvi to Kauklahti.

The rehabilitation of the Espoonjoki river started in summer 2020 with mowing and removing fallen logs from the river bed. More visible and extensive works started at the beginning of 2021 near the Turunväylä road. The construction of the Vanttila site access road started at the same time. The implementation and progress of the work depend on the water level, ground frost situation and weather conditions. The Espoonjoki river is being renovated to improve the flow of water, the recreational use of the river, the landscape and the living conditions of fish.

The river will be dredged and some of the willow on the banks removed. Wetland areas will be built in Vanttilanoja and at Muuralanpuro brook in Kirkkopuisto park. A flood plain will be used to enhance solids absorption. This is aimed to make the material making the water muddy sink into the area of the river bed with slower flow. The living conditions of the fish will be improved by paving and gravelling the bottom of the river bed at flow points.

Flooding has been an annual problem for Kirkkojärvi. Levees have been built in the area in order to reduce flood damage. Park routes and the Turunväylä road have also been raised.

At the end of the project, the recreational routes and roads will be restored. Apart from the section between Vanttila and Mikkelä, which is planned to serve as part of an outdoor recreation route that will be built later, the site roads will be demolished.